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What To Wear On A Blind Date


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Miss H
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First Date Outfit

I’ve got a blind date lined up for Valentine’s Day – and no before you ask, the guide dog didn’t nudge him and no, he is not an owner of a white stick.

This is a bona-fide date, set up by my work colleague who was worried about me spending the 14th on my own, crying into a tub of Häagen-Dazs (no bad thing!) and watching rom-com after rom-com on heavy rotation.

Thankfully, it’s not the first time I’ve been on a blind date (oh, Dan, where are you now with your cappuccino foam moustache and that interrupting problem…), so the one thing I do know is that a blind date will know that it requires a certain amount of courage.

You go into a blind date without a lot of control, so I have learnt the best thing to do is focus on what you can control – your outfit, of course... Here’s my guide on how to dress when you don’t know what you’re in for...

A dress or not a dress that is the question?

Why the heck not. Understated glamour is what you’re aiming for - you want to look amazing, but not like you tried too hard. I personally steer clear of too much cleavage or leg on a first date. I try to hint at my best bits without giving too much away.
The colour of your outfit can be vitally important and, if you can, buy something red. Statistics show this is the most seductive colour a woman can wear! I personally love one shoulder dresses, like this silk georgette mini-dress, they show off just enough décolletage to spark his interest.

Another tip I have picked up is not to wear red lippy or particularly shiny, sticky lip-gloss. These might look good in the movies, but in reality it can put a guy off going in for the kiss, if he thinks he’s going to get covered in bright, gloopy stuff. Simple lip balm or a thinner gloss from Stila Cosmetics is perfect.
Ask your friend beforehand if he’s tall enough for you to wear heels and, if so, go for a beautiful pair of stilettos such as these Louboutins (the red soles will match your dress too),  so when you cross your legs next to him at the bar, he’ll notice how long and lean they make your pins look.
Another good tip is let your outfit do some of the talking for you, or more literally, wear a ‘conversation piece’. This is usually an accessory: a chunky ring, an amazing scarf or something with an intriguing emblem on it or something sentimental with a history you can share with him. Personally I am coveting jewellery from Paristanbul - they make effortlessly chic necklaces, charms and other curiosities to allure all.

Finally, carry a big enough bag with you to stash a pair of trainers in, if it all goes wrong, you don’t want to be climbing out of the toilet window and legging it in your Louboutins now do you?...

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